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Peace of mind…

Having your will written/reviewed by a
Professional Qualified Financial Advisor


Why have a will?

Having a will in the UK ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, providing clarity, and peace of mind, potentially avoiding potential financial issues (eg Inheritance tax) and lengthy legal processes for your loved ones.
Note: A Will usually involves complex financial considerations,
therefore using the services of a qualified FCA Authorised financial advisor is always advised.

Why do people regularly review their existing will?

People regularly review their wills for a number of reasons, whether to ensure that it reflects changes in their circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren, the acquisition of significant assets, or often due to changes in tax laws, to ensure that it remains legally valid, is financially effective (eg inheritance tax, potential care home fees etc) whilst also accurately reflecting their current wishes.

The main reasons why people have and/or review their wills

  Concerned about Inheritance tax

  Concerned about potential care home fees eroding the value of their estate

  Want to minimise taxes and maximise the value of their estate

  Value stability and security for their loved ones

  Appreciate the importance of planning for the future

  Are proactive and take responsibility for their financial decisions

  Have experienced a significant life event (e.g., inheritance, divorce, serious illness) that prompted them to consider estate planning

  Are family-oriented and want to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes

Reviews of our service…

I approached Fundermental Wills, to review my will for several reasons. The main reason was that the wills are reviewed and written by an FCA-regulated qualified financial advisor, which was important to me, as the financial side of the will such as inheritance tax, was beyond me. Another reason was because of several changes that had occurred over the last few years, which meant things were a little more complicated, so needed to relook at my will and make sure it was suitable for my needs and those of my loved ones. Matt was professional throughout and provided excellent advice as well as thorough explanations. The new will does exactly what I want it to do.

Although I considered myself financially aware, I found myself in a situation where inheritance tax and potential care home fees, could have seriously eroded my estate. Thanks to sage advice from Matt, and a rewritten will, including some additional elements, I was able to secure my estate, ensuring that my hard-earned money, was going to who and where I wanted it to.

How we help…

Inheritance Tax Planning

Concerned about Inheritance tax?

We can help make sure YOUR wealth is passed on in a Tax efficient way. Potentially saving your loved ones up to 40%

Estate Planning

Estate planning relates to your total assets which includes property, possessions and accounts.

Make sure it’s YOU who decides what happens with these assets.

Will Writing

Have you got a valid up to date will?

Your Will lets YOU decide what happens to your money, property, and possessions after your death. Let us help you avoid any potential issues with a review of your will.

Care Home Fees

Concerned about potential care home costs?

The reality is that without the right planning, the value of your estate could be lost to care home fees in the future. We can help protect your estate from care home fees using your will.

Who we are…

Fundermental Wills offers a comprehensive will writing and advisory service with a difference. Our Will writers are professional qualified financial advisors regulated by the FCA.
This means that all aspects of your Will, which typically involve many financial aspects will be written by a qualified FCA regulated financial advisor, who can provide up to date advice and guidance on the latest tax laws, including Inheritance tax, as well as advice on potential care home fees, thereby offering you peace of mind.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Long Term Care

Will Writing

Our Principle Will Writer & FCA Regulated Financial Advisor

Matthew Richardson (BA) Hons. MLIBF DipFA CeMAP CeRER

Matthew is a level 4, fully qualified financial adviser with over 15 years experience
and has extensive knowledge of the products and services offered.

As well as being FCA regulated, Matthew is also a member of
The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF)

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